Community Services Group

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Community Services Group provides a vast array of children’s services.  One of the most rewarding programs, the Community Residential Rehabilitation out-of-home placement, provides a structured and nurturing home environment for children to grow and develop.  Children, ages 5 to 21, are supported by CSG’s greatest asset - our Provider Parents. Provider Parents work hand-in-hand with program staff and the child’s natural family/guardians to help the child learn responsibility, understand expectations, accept limits, how to achieve academic success, develop strong peer relationships, and work on family relationships. Provider Parents work with the children and natural families as they strive to have the children return home as soon as possible.  Provider Parents contribute to the success of the program and are valued and essential members of our team.  Every Provider Parent receives extensive training prior to a child being placed in their home along with further support and guidance throughout the child’s placement.   Provider Parents have access to their team and program staff at all times, but the Provider Parents remain one of the most critical parts of the children’s treatment team.  Provider Parents help build up a child’s self-image, increase understanding of family relationships, and help the child be engaged in educational and recreational activities.       Provider Parents not only open their homes but also their hearts as they build a world of possibilities for our children and families! Come join our team and help CSG strengthen our communities by offering hope and a brighter future, one child at a time!   To learn more about our program or how to be a Provider Parent, call today at 1-877-907-7970 or visit us at