Harrisburg MOMS Club- East Shore

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The MOMS Club of East Shore/Harrisburg is a local chapter of the International MOMS Club.  It is a group specifically for mothers who stay at home with their children, including those who have home-based businesses or who work part-time, but are home with their children during the day.  The goals of the MOMS Club are:
-To provide a support group for mothers who choose to stay at home to raise their children
-To provide a forum for topics of interest to mothers
-To help children in the community
-To perform at least one service project yearly helping needy children

We often have speakers come to our meetings to share information about topics that are of interest to our members.  The meetings are also used to welcome new members, discuss and/or vote upon pertinent business related to the club, and to provide a forum for the members and their children to socialize.  Monthly activities are also planned each month on a volunteer basis, such as trips to local playgrounds, nature walks, trips to local attractions and creative play dates at member’s homes.  Lastly, there is usually a Moms Night Out once a month.