Say Thanks to Your Neighborhood Delivery Crew With a Treat Basket

This holiday season, give a big thanks to the delivery drivers bringing you holiday cheer

By Leah Spencer, publisher of Macaroni KID Takoma Park - Silver Spring, Md. December 22, 2023

Recently one of the UPS drivers who frequents our neighborhood told us that we were his best customers. Err, this isn't necessarily what our bank account wants to hear, but I know full well that delivery workers visit our home quite often. 

So every holiday season I try to say thank you to all the individuals working extra hard to deliver our presents. Not Santa, but his helpers — the ones who wear uniforms and drive delivery trucks for services like UPS, Amazon, and FedEx.

Beginning of the day...

It's easy to show them appreciation if you want to give it a try too: We put together a treat basket and set it out on our porch. I fill it with a good assortment of salty and sweet options and a few drinks, too. I post a sign to let all the delivery workers know the snacks are for them, and that we appreciate their hard work. 

... and end of the day!

By the end of the first day putting it out, all of the treats were nearly all gone! I'd like to believe it's because the delivery drivers were hungry and not that we had too many packages dropped at our door. Let's just say it's a combination of the two.

Ideas for what to add to a delivery worker treat basket:

🍿 Salty Options

Meat sticks

🍬 Sweet Options

Candy canes
Granola bars
Breakfast bars
Fruit bars
Apples and oranges

Individually-wrapped cakes

🥤 Drink Options

Sports drinks

In this season of giving, I feel like our treat basket is more than just a collection of snacks — it's a small token of immense gratitude for the long hours and efforts of our neighborhood's unsung holiday heroes — those dedicated delivery drivers who help make every festive season a little brighter and our doorsteps a little fuller. We appreciate you!

Leah Spencer is the publisher of Macaroni KID Takoma Park - Silver Spring, Md.