Boo! We've Got All Your Fall and Halloween Fun

From environmentally-friendly treat ideas to no-carve pumpkin projects!

October 8, 2021

It's time for fall and Halloween family fun — our favorite time of the year! 

We rounded up our seasonal favorites to share with you: Delicious crackers helping to fight climate change (really!); how to make the Halloween holiday more inclusive for kids with food allergies (because they deserve all the Halloween fun too); no-carve pumpkin ideas (because pumpkin guts are gross); some cool adaptive costume ideas (including DIY); and a roundup of not-so-spooky food fun (your kids will giggle over this spider sandwich!).

Read on for all the details and we hope you have a fang-tastic Halloween season!


Airly Crackers: The Environmentally Friendly Treat

Discover Airly™ Chocolate Oat Clouds™, the chocolatey, crunchy crackers perfect for when you want a sweet and delicious snack. Made with yummy oats that are farmed the climate-friendly way, every bite helps pull greenhouse gases out of the air! Who knew it was so easy to make a difference?

Whether you’re looking for a yummy anytime snack or a little something sweet to perk up school lunches, you’re helping fight climate change with every box of Airly™ Oat Clouds™

Making a difference has never been so delicious.

Visit and use coupon code MACKIDS for 10% off!

The Teal Pumpkin Project is boo-tiful

Have you ever noticed teal pumpkins in a store or on a neighbor’s porch this time of year? Teal pumpkins aren’t just a colorful twist on the traditional jack-o’-lantern. Teal is the color of food allergy awareness, and teal pumpkins are a special way that you can make Halloween brighter for youngsters with food allergies and other medically restricted diets. Find out how to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project and get ideas for non-food treats to include at your house this year. 

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Hello, Gourd-geus

Let's face it: Carving pumpkins is not an easy task. And scooping out the insides? Um, so gross. And the mess! If you want to have all the fun with pumpkins but avoid all the fuss, check out four creative, no-carve pumpkin ideas ... they're so easy your kids can do with just a little supervision!

Batty For You

We're loving the adaptive and wheelchair costumes available this year from ShopDisney and other companies in 2021! Kids can choose their favorite characters, from the Mandalorian to Cinderella. Or if you like to go DIY, here are eight ideas to decorate wagons, wheelchairs, and strollers this Halloween.

Macaroni KID

Eat, Drink ... and Be Scary

Spider sandwiches? Mummy quesadillas? Green mac and cheese? Check out four kooky and not-so-spooky, easy ideas to get your kids in the mood for Halloween fun. All treats ... with maybe just a few tricks.