My 3 or 4-year-old never stops...what to do?

By Keith Wilkes, FEAR KNOT Martial Arts for Kidz, Mechanicsburg September 2, 2019

Hey parents, imagine what your life would be like if your 3 or 4-year-old learned how to control their behavior, focus and pay attention, and follow the rules at home.

Can you picture that? Don't scoff. It happens at FEAR KNOT Martial Arts For Kids.

That's the place where the Little Ninjas Prep Course works its magic.

What does that mean?
Well, the staff at Fear Knot will teach your child how to properly interact with other children, learn to control their impulses, follow rules and pay attention. And, your child will improve their physical skills as well.

Many times, this program is a young child’s first time being in a group setting
Interacting with other children is important once they enter school. Fear Knot's Prep Course will help your child learn for instance, to wait their turn. That’s big for a 3-year-old. It only takes a few times letting them know they have to wait their turn for them to learn that lesson.

Kids at this age do what they want to do, when they want to do it, and get out of their way when they do
Moving out into society, it’s important for them to begin controlling their behavior and stop acting impulsively. Fear Knot's class structure helps do just that. The instructors are always reminding the students (in a nice way) about the rules they should follow if they want to play the games. These reminders like "You have to sit like a Ninja to play the game" are what will teach your child they have to learn to control themselves to get what they want (playing the game). In other words, for them, its follow the rules and you’ll be rewarded.

Social Skills and Physical Development
Beside socializing the students, the prep course focuses on improving motor skill development. Rotating through eight physical concepts, students run, hop, crawl, catch, and play their way to improving the physical skills that are developing in their age group. It's not just play though. Each class is structured with the "games" the students will play to develop that particular concept (skill).

Getting them ready to meet the world
The bottom line is that the Little Ninjas Prep Course prepares your child for entering society. They'll be better learners in school and better prepared to properly interact with their peers and other adults.

The next step for you as a parent is to contact FEAR KNOT Martial arts For Kidz at 717-361-9788 to find out how the prep course can help your child get ready for the real world. You'll even be able to take your child in for a couple of free trial classes to see how the program works and how the instructors work with the children.