How Your Child Can Spend Their After School Hours Productively

By Keith Wilkes - FEAR KNOT Martial Arts For Kidz, Mechanicsburg July 11, 2019

With the 2019 -2020 school year starting in only 5 short weeks for kids across Central PA, will your child be spending their after school hours productively?

Parents have a lot of after-school care options to choose from. Most are daycare centers. Another option is for your child to stay at their school until you're able to pick them up after work. There is, however, another option to consider for 5 to 12-year-olds that provides transportation, instruction, activities, games, and select day camps that are conveniently included in one simple tuition.

Here are a few reasons why the FEAR KNOT Martial Arts For Kidz  A+ After School Program may be right for you...

Our trained, professional, and dedicated staff is committed to creating an awesome after school experience for every child at our Mechanicsburg location. Our students are directly supervised at all times. Children are kept engaged every day "on the floor" with their classes and off the training floor with structured games, reading, or other "quiet time" games and activities.

Fear Knot provides full day camps on select school holidays as part of your tuition. Fun Camps are held on teacher in-service days and school-related closure dates. Other camps are available for minor holidays and non-school related closures.

We regularly supply valuable quiet time for reading, homework, imagination, creativity, or just to chill. In addition, our students are on the training floor every day for class and other structured sports and physically active games. They'll go home every evening with their daily workout complete.

A school year filled with self-respect, self-discipline, focus, and more benefits that extend well beyond our walls. Our program's lessons about having "good ninja manners", being responsible, and practicing self-discipline typically make it home. Parents tell us all the time how their children are making better choices at home since joining our program.

It's also been our experience that students' grades improve, usually by the next marking period. Like their improved home behavior, the listening skills taught in our programs transfer to school. Better listeners are better learners!

We'll pick your child up at their school and transport them to our Mechanicsburg Fear Knot location in a Collins, multi-function school activity bus (MFSAB). Seating 14 children, a MFSAB meets the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) as school buses.

What's Next?

Call us today at 717-361-9788. It's important that you get to know us before making a decision. That's why we'll bring you in for a couple free trial classes to see how we work with the kids and how the program will work for your child. We'll also be happy to answer all your questions about our A+ After School Program.

p.s.: We're now taking reservations for the 2020 - 2021 school year for the West Shore School district.