Spend the Day on City Island, Harrisburg

By Kat Dinsmore, publisher, June 17, 2019

Located in the middle of the Susquehanna River between Harrisburg & Wormleysburg, City Island is a fantastic place to play as a family. It's a great place to just stroll and walk around to relax, but also offers a variety of fun businesses and experiences.

Pride of the Susquehanna Riverboat
The Pride of the Susquehanna Riverboat is one of only six authentic paddleboats still in operation in the United States and offers a one of a kind, low-cost, fun cruise for the public to enjoy our beautiful natural resource, the Susquehanna River. The Pride of the Susquehanna offers 45 minute sightseeing cruises daily, which give you fantastic views of both banks of the Susquehanna, while also sharing information and tidbits about the river and Harrisburg. On Sundays, enjoy a non-denominational cruise aboard the Pride that lasts a bit over an hour - donations are accepted for local non-profits.

Grab tickets for the Saturday morning River School Cruise, where the whole family will learn interesting facts about the local geography, Susquehanna River, Appalachian Mountains and more. The learning is done at a level that kids will be able to understand everything, but grown ups will hear things they didn't know and will pick up some interesting facts about our area.

If you're looking for River School, princess, pirate, 45 minute, dinner or other cruises, click here to check out the full schedule.

Water Golf
Enjoy a beautiful 18 hole Miniature Golf Course on the North end of City Island. Challenging style of play Includes water hazards, sloping greens, waterfalls and a 60 foot walking bridge that spans two scenic bluffs. The beauty of the gentle Susquehanna River, cool summer breezes, and breathtaking sunsets will give visitors to Water Golf one of the most scenic rounds of miniature golf they have ever experienced. CLICK HERE for more information.

Harrisburg Senators
Families are invited to FNB Park on City Island to watch the Harrisburg Senators, the Double-A Affiliate of the Washington Nationals, Eastern League Baseball. The ballpark is very family friendly and offers a Kid Zone, filled with inflatables and activities for kids (just $10/child). There are a ton of food & drink options throughout the park including hot dogs, hamburgers, peanuts, pretzels, drinks, wings & more! CLICK HERE for the full schedule and more info.

Cafe Huey
Located on the walking path on the east side of the island right between FNB Field and the dock for Pride of the Susquehanna, Cafe Huey is the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat or drink. Whether you're in the mood for salads, wraps, sandwiches, fries, ice cream, snack food, drinks or more, Cafe Huey has you covered with kid-approved meals options. The food is super flavorful, comes with great portion sizes and is all priced affordably. There is a pavilion and deck area to eat located right across the path from Cafe Huey that offer fantastic views of the Susquehanna River and Harrisburg.

City Island Railroad
Just south of FNB Field is the Walnut Street Station, where you'll catch the City Island Railroad. Operating Saturdays and Sundays beginning at noon, the City Island Railroad is a cheap way to take a lap around the north end of City Island to enjoy the beauty the island holds. Adult tickets are $3.50 with ages 1 - 12 being $2.50 and kids under age 1 are free.

Pokemon GO
City Island is a Central Pennsylvania hot spot for playing Pokemon GO. There are always others walking around the island looking for a rare pokemon, taking part in a raid, trying to take over a gym, or just walking the trails to hatch their egg(s). It's a great spot to play that's family friendly, has other things to do there, and is easily accessible by car or walking bridge from Harrisburg.

Harbortown Playground
Located just up the walking path from the Pride of the Susquehanna dock is the Harbortown Playground. It's a cute, mostly wooden playground for kids to enjoy with benches and sitting areas for adults. There are cute wooden buildings for kids to play in, a play train, swings & more. 

My son and I were guests of Visit Hershey & Harrisburg to ride the Pride of Susquehanna and enjoy lunch at Cafe Huey.