We are “Guardians” of our Children’s Smiles

Program teaches children, parents and educators about the importance of good oral hygiene

By Nicole Donnelly April 27, 2019

At my son’s first dentist appointment, I remember thinking how grateful I was that our pediatrician instructed us on how to care for his teeth from the time his first little tooth pushed through. His teeth looked great (music to any mom’s ears, right?) and it was largely due to my husband or I caring for his teeth from day one.

He’s now five years old and, while he does a fabulous job brushing on his own, my husband and I always help make sure every tooth gets fully cleaned and we do the nightly flossing for him. Good habits like daily brushing and flossing help prepare him to stay healthy and I am grateful that, as a parent, my child’s pediatrician and dentist have helped me to be the guardian of my child’s smile.

Ensuring all parents have the knowledge they need to be the guardian of their own children’s smile is a primary goal of the “Guardians of the Smile” national partnership, created by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and Children’s Health Fund. The organizations have launched a statewide oral health education and public awareness initiative in Pennsylvania. What does this mean for you and your children? It means dental services and education for children, which will teach students about the importance of proper oral hygiene and help instill good habits from an early age.

“Good oral health is not just about avoiding toothaches and cavities,” said Dennis Walto, CEO of Children’s Health Fund. “It’s about being able to learn in school, to enjoy eating, and to feel good about yourself. Together with Guardian, we are teaching children and their parents positive oral hygiene habits which will help keep kids smiling and healthy as they grow. Ultimately, we’re striving to advance Pennsylvania’s vision to improve oral health and disease prevention statewide.”

In support of this campaign, the “What Makes You Smile” art and writing contest invites students in Pennsylvania to share what brings them happiness and makes them smile. Students, teachers and schools in Pennsylvania are eligible to win prizes. The prize for the winning school will be an oral health event featuring the Tooth Guardian™ mascot and educational activities with oversized toothbrushes, teeth and floss. For more information on the contest, including details on how to enter, click here.

As parents, we are many things. We’re caregivers, chauffeurs, personal chefs. The light in our children’s eyes and their first loves. We’re defenders of their lives and guardians of, well, a lot – including their smiles. Let’s work to make sure their smiles are protected.

To stay informed about the “Guardians of the Smile” partnership, follow Guardian and Children’s Health Fund on their social media accounts, or visit their website


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