A Unique Choice For Your Child's After School Care

April 23, 2019

It's never too early to plan ahead for the next school year, especially when it comes to your child's after school care.

Today's parents have a number of options to choose from for after school care for their children. Those options range from the traditional; day care centers and individual sitters, to a growing list of non-traditional choices.

One of those new, exciting choices is FEAR KNOT Martial Arts For Kidz A+ After School Program. Here 's what a typical day looks like...

All Aboard...
Students are picked up at their elementary school and transported to Fear Knot's Mechanicsburg location in one of their multi-function school activity buses (MFSAB). With seating for 14, Collins has always received the highest marks in the school bus industry for strength and safety. Studies also show that these buses are the safest form of transportation for school-aged children.

It's snack time!
Once they arrive at Fear Knot, the children settle in and wind down for a bit. They'll take some time for a snack, start on their homework, or get their uniforms on for the afternoon martial arts classes.

Age-appropriate lessons
The cornerstone of our A+ program is Fear Knot's developmental martial arts programs. These classes are designed specifically for younger children (5 - 9 years old) to teach age-appropriate martial arts concepts in way they understand, by playing games. Our students are on the training floor every day. One day each week is set aside for other structured sports and physically active games. The A+ program also offers traditional self defense classes for ten through twelve year olds.

Off the floor activities
After they leave the training floor, it's quiet time. This time is great for homework, reading, drawing, or socializing with the other kids. This is the chance for the children to wind down from the school day and the excitement of their lessons.

During this time, the children are actively supervised by our staff. They help with homework and on improving the children's social skills. This creates an environment where the children learn how to positively interact with their peers.

Have questions?
We're currently reserving spots for the 2019 - 2010 school year. Call us today at 717-361-9788. We'll bring you in for a couple free trial classes and answer all your questions about the A+ After School Program. Serving the Mechanicsburg Area School District, we have only a few spots left so call today!