Quick & easy ways to enjoy Perdue Simply Smart Organics Chicken

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By Kat Dinsmore, publisher March 30, 2019

As my three kids have gotten older and our schedules have all gotten a bit crazier one thing I’ve worked really hard on over the past few years was trying to eat dinner together as a family as much as possible. Some nights we have a nice dinner around the table all together and every part of the meal has been created from scratch, while other nights we have a packed dinner on the sidelines of a baseball game.

Most nights look like a mix of a bit of both. It’s just not possible in my current season of life to hand-craft works of art for supper each night, so I rely on products like the new Perdue® Simply Smart® Organics line of chicken strips, nuggets and tenders to help get a healthy meal on the table for my family.

We were already big fans of Perdue® in our house, but this new line has pushed us into a new level of love. Perdue Simply Smart Organics not only taste fantastic, but they come precooked so they are a snap to prepare. Which, face it, when kids are hungry, they want food NOW. I love that the new line contains non-gmo, organic ingredients that I can actually pronounce and are available in lightly breaded, whole grain and gluten free varieties, so I don’t feel bad about the quality of food I’m serving my kids.

We’ve been loving all the different ways to eat Perdue Simply Smart Organics strips, nuggets and tenders. It’s a product easy enough for the kids to heat up quickly for a snack before or after practice and since they're a quality product, I know they’re getting good nutrition.

Here are our favorite ways to enjoy them:

1. Pop them in the air fryer for 3-5 mins at 400. They come out super moist and the breading is perfectly crispy. I love that they don’t take long to cook this way and that the air fryer is an easy enough option for my boys to use.

2. Put all of the dips from the fridge on the table and let everyone try different dips or combinations of dips. My four year old loves BBQ sauce with a small bit of ketchup and honey added to it! Putting all the toppings out allows the kid who wants it to be a buffalo chicken tender to have his way while his brother gets a honey mustard-dipped tender at the same time without creating a million dishes.

3. Save any leftover pieces to eat for lunch the next day. I work from home so I eat a side salad with my lunch while I work most days. Chopping the tenders, nuggets or strips into bite size pieces and topping my salad with them is delicious! I absolutely love that the breading isn’t too thick on these - it is just enough to add extra flavor without leaving breading chunks in my lettuce. My two favorite salads to add these to right now are chicken caesar salad or cobb salad.

4. Serve these to the kids while the grownups enjoy something the kids don’t care for. I’ve worked really hard on having my kids try all meals we cook, but sometimes they just don’t like something and that’s ok. I love having Perdue Simply Smart Organics strips, nuggets and tenders on hand to make for whichever kid doesn’t like the main meal. They take only minutes in the air fryer since they’re already cooked and give the kids a good boost of protein in their meal.

5. Put them in a cup to eat on the go. Sometimes life is hectic and we have to eat on the run or the sideline of a game. Perdue Simply Smart Organics chicken strips, nuggets and tenders travel really well in lunch containers and are fantastic, even cold. My youngest doesn’t like sandwiches, so these also go into her lunch for school pretty frequently.

Perdue Simply Smart Organics chicken strips, nuggets and tenders are already out in stores! I found them on sale at Giant last week, but they can also be found in Target or Walmart. Give them a try, I’ll bet you won’t be disappointed!

I have been compensated for my honest review. All thoughts, opinions and cute kids are my own and have not been influenced upon.

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