Bobble Bunny Craft

By Laura Miller, publisher of Macaroni Kid Appleton-Waupaca-Oshkosh, Wisconsin March 1, 2017

Recently my seven-year-old daughter was "bored" on Sunday afternoon while her little brother took a nap, so I told her to make a bunny or do a craft with plastic Easter eggs. Well, this is what she came up with... Bobble Bunny!

What you need:
Plastic Easter egg
Small weight that fits inside the egg (rock, marble, ball, or even a treat)
Paper, colors/patterns of your choice
Googly eyes (or can draw on with permanent marker)
Pom-pom or cotton ball
Tape (or hot glue with adult help)

What you do:
1. Put the weight inside the egg. You can just place it inside, or tape it into place, if you'd like. Close the egg and tape shut if needed to keep it shut.
2. Cut ears from the paper. You can make the inside of the ears with another color of paper or color them. Tape or glue the ears to the top of the egg.
3. Tape or glue the pom-pom or cotton ball to the back of the lower part of the egg. If using tape, make a small loop of tape with the sticky side out to attach the tail.
4. Place the googly eyes on the egg (or draw them) and draw the rest of the face with a permanent marker.
5. Optional, cut out paper feet and attach to the bottom of the egg, if you want to keep it from bobbling so much.
6. Enjoy rolling your Bobble Bunny around -- it won't fall over! Hide it for an egg hunt or see where your imagination leads. You can make a collection of different colors or different animals/characters too!