Hanukkah Craft ~ Pasta Menorah

By Gail Keller - Macaroni Kid Overland Park December 12, 2017

This Hanukkah menorah craft will appeal to kids of all ages. It is fairly easy and allows for a lot of creativity in both color selection, design and candle holder placement. To make your pasta menorah, you will need the following:

Lasagna - 1 uncooked noodle (we used the no-boil type) to act as menorah base
Acrylic paint - assorted colors and paint brush
Mezzi Rigatoni - 9 pieces to create candle holders
Super glue of your choice

1. On a paint-safe work space, paint the flat lasagna noodle using acrylic paint. A simple solid color works, or get creative and design a pattern. Set the painted noodle aside and let dry.


2. Paint the rigatoni noodles and let dry. 

3. When the paint is dry, use super glue to adhere two stacked rigatoni noodles to each other vertically creating the Shamash - helper candle. Use super glue to adhere all the candle holders (rigatoni) to the base (lasagna).
4. Let dry and display.

Here are our masterpieces.


If desired, a small piece of clay can be placed inside each rigatoni to hold Hanukkah candles.