Craft Stick Snowmen

By Laura Miller January 13, 2016
No matter the weather, you can make and decorate your own snowmen, right in the comfort of you warm and cozy house! My daughter and I had a lot of fun making these cute little guys!

What you need:
Craft sticks (the wide ones)
Paint (we used acrylic in white, black, blue and shimmery white)
Puff paint (orange and black)
Pipe cleaners, ribbons, yarn or strips of fabric for the scarf
Various decorations like small buttons, stones, etc for buttons, or paint them on

What you do:
Paint approximately 3/4 of the craft stick white and 1/4 the color you choose for the hat. Do two coats, letting it dry in between. Paint the back too, if you're going to display it where the back can be seen. Also paint a toothpick hat brim for each snowman. After the second coat of white, paint a coat of shimmery white, if using.

To assemble, glue the brim to the bottom of the hat, then draw the face and buttons with puff paint or glue on other decorations you want to use instead. I recommend practicing painting the face first! I tried a few styles of carrot noses and settled on doing a 3D version where I slowly made a cone shape and lifted the tip as I went. It fell a little, but still sticks out enough. After all the paint is dry, tie a pipe cleaner, ribbon, yarn or strip of fabric (or even paper) around the "neck" for a scarf. You can also add a band of ribbon, etc to the hat.

To display you can glue a loop of ribbon, string or yarn to the back to hang them or stick them in a flower pot or a wreath or anywhere else you want to show off your creation.