Macaroni Made: Pencil Magnets

Keep your school papers orderly with this easy craft!

By Melissa Hucal August 19, 2014
Supply lists. Permission Forms. Calendars. Artwork. A new school year inevitably brings with it stacks of paper that busy families need to keep track of. Keep the most important ones in plain sight with a school-themed magnet for your refrigerator or file cabinet.

You can make a collection of pencils that will keep papers in order with just wooden craft sticks, markers and adhesive magnet tape (readily available in craft stores).

First, use the markers to color your "pencil." Make them traditional yellow or a color of your choice. Create a pink eraser at one end and draw the lead at the other. A fine-tip marker works best to create the detail for the tip/lead.

Cut a piece of adhesive magnet about half the length of the "pencil." Depending on the width of your wooden stick, you may need to cut the magnet strip in half horizontally. Remove the paper and adhere the magnet to the back of the craft stick. Placing the magnet on the refrigerator (without holding any papers yet) will help the magnet to flatten and "cure." This will create a strong bond ready for holding papers in just a few hours.